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Instagram Reels Download

FastDl is an online web tool that helps you Instagram Reels Download, Videos, and IGTV videos. FastDl is designed to be easy to use on any device, such as a mobile phone, tablet, or computer.


You must follow these three easy steps to download Instagram reels and videos from Instagram. See their description below.

Instagram Reels Download
Instagram Reels Download

Copy the URL

Open the Instagram app or website, and copy the URL of the Instagram Reels Download.

Instagram Reels Download
Instagram Reels Download

Paste the link

Go back to FastDl, paste the link for download instagram reels with sound and click the Download button

Instagram Reels Download
Instagram Reels Download

Instagram Reels Download

You will receive the results quickly and with numerous high-quality options. Download whatever you require.

FastDl features

Photos Downloader
Fastdl’s Instagram picture downloader is a fantastic tool for saving photos from Instagram postings. You may download both a single Instagram post image and a collection of Instagram photographs (carousel) with fastdl.

Instagram Reels Download
Fastdl was developed to make it possible for you to download reels video from instagram from your profile. Both single-video and multiple-video downloads from carousels are supported by fastdl.

IGTV Downloader
A lengthy video format is IGTV. If you can’t view it right away, you may download IGTV videos to your device so you can watch them later without needing an internet connection or in case IGTV gets destroyed.

Reels Downloader
Reels is a brand-new video format that mimics the TikTok model. Use fastdl to download Instagram Reels videos. You may save your favourite Reel videos with our Instagram Reel downloader.

Carousel Album Downloader
Carousel, commonly referred to as an album or gallery post type, contains a variety of images, videos, and mixed media. The Instagram gallery is the best option to download many photographs from Instagram if you need to.

Best Instagram Reels Download

Reels Downloader is an online tool that allows you to Instagram Reels video Download from Instagram, download Reels videos in mp4 format, and save Reels videos to your device in a few easy steps.

You may download any Reels Instagram video with the SaveInsta-powered Reels Instagram video downloader. You may download any Instagram video by just pasting the Reels Instagram video URL into the website’s input box on

Without installing any software, Reels video downloader may rapidly download Reels videos from Instagram using a web browser. Reels videos can be downloaded in mp4 format on all platforms (PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, and iPad).

Instagram Reels video Download fastdl Safe ?

Instagram’s terms of service are potentially broken, and the intellectual property rights of content producers may be violated by Instagram Reels video Download from the platform. Additionally, using third-party Instagram Reels video Download tools might not be safe because they might be infected with malware or other damaging components that jeopardise the security of your device.

It’s critical to respect others’ intellectual property rights and only download or use content with that person’s consent or in accordance with the relevant legal requirements. If you do decide to Reels Download, it is advisable to do so safely and legally by using official channels or by first getting the creator’s consent.

You run the risk of breaking Instagram’s terms of service if you use third-party Instagram video downloading software. Users must not “access or use our services, content, or any information therein for any unlawful purpose or in any manner that breaches these terms,” according to Instagram’s terms of service. It may be seen as using third-party software for illegal purposes or in violation of these terms to Reels Download from Instagram.


Hhow to download instagram reels on iphone?
Step 1: Paste the URL for the Reels video in the text box and click Download.
Step 2: After selecting the Download Video button next to each video that you want to download, the desired file will be stored to your device.
( functions well on PCs, Macs, Android phones, and iOS devices.)
How can I download Reels videos from Instagram to my iPhone or iPad (iOS)?
Use the Safari browser on an iPhone running iOS 13 or download the Documents by Readdle app, then go to, paste the Instagram video link, then click “Download” (see instructions here).

How to Instagram Reels Video Download on Android?

Copy the video URL for Reels. Visit now. Copy the Instagram link, then paste it into the input field to download.
Is logging in required to download Reels videos?
You don’t have to log into your account, I assure you. To download any Instagram (IG) content, go to the website and follow the directions.
Do I have to pay to download Instagram Reel?
A free website to download Instagram videos is Without any feature restrictions, you can download any Instagram material (videos, photos, reels, stories, and IGTV).
Where are downloaded video Reels saved?
Please double-check your browser’s “download history” or the “Downloads” folder on your phone.